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Easy School Fundraising Idea


we have a unique PTO fundraising idea for your school. A clothing drive fundraiser event can generate hundreds to over a thousand dollars depending on how many people participate from the school and how much effort you put into it. .


No out-of-pocket cost

Clothes for cash really is a fast & easy way for your school to raise much needed funds. And the nice aspect of a school clothing drive fundraiser event is everyone can donate to your cause without having to take money out of their pockets.


We can help:

We'll provide sample flyers & social media ideas to help you promote your school and we'll do all the heavy lifting. One of our trucks will come on your scheduled pickup date and we'll load it up for you. Then we'll weigh all the clothes in our warehouse and send your school a check.


It's a win-win!

A school fundraising event where we don't ask you to sell or buy anything. The donors feel good that they were able to help those in need and your school benefits financially from the money you raise from your clothing drive.

We also have a monthly bin program that allows your school to raise money all year long. Learn more.

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